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Thinking is koans see below is deterritorialized thinking. For instance, let us say that we enter into the qualia of inflated balloon. We might enter through the audio channel and make the sound of something full, but then this might be contradicted by entering into a collapsed movement channel. Create a multi-qualia scenery of which a subbody or cobody is to fill. For instance, if we are to open up a camp fire scenery with cobody, then one or more individuals are the logs, another the fire, and another the smoke. The same is possible with the subbody, explained in the following part, Chimera.

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The becoming -evening, becoming-night of animal, blood nuptials. This animal is this place! The chimera takes on more than one qualia within different parts of the body. For instance, the arms can be tree limbs while the legs are rooster legs. Chimera is often associated with the grotesque.

Chimeras make use of deterritorialization of one or more body part. This exercise is utilized in Body Weather , an offshoot of butoh from Min Tanaka. One body part forms a relationship with another, and acts accordingly. The stacked body will have one qualia base and a secondary or tertiary on top of it. For instance, we might take on the qualia of zombie, which will serve as the foundation, but on top of this, we might add yogi. If a mask were to stand for embodiment, we can think of one mask on top of another. For instance, if we have a camp fire, the fire will eventually burn out.

The subbody part or cobody individual who was playing smoke may transform into air while the logs may transform into ash followed by enriched soil then a germinating flower seed, etc. It is important to place special emphasis on transition. For instance, if we have a camp fire, the fire transitions into a baboon perched at the head of a courtroom in court dress and then transitions to ravioli. This in-between transition from qualia to qualia which is highly recommended to stretch and ferment can be associated with ma.

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This exercise calls for at least 3 people. A qualia is called out by one individual, and immediately after, another calls out another qualia. The more different these two qualias are from each other, the more interesting will be the outcome.

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Over time, no technique is needed to randomly become shifting qualia worlds, which is the point of jumping wild , but if one does feel stuck, here are some suggestions on how to randomly provoke qualias. Choose any random letter and the first word that comes to mind which starts with that leter is the new qualia. Engage in gibberish or nonsensical utterances. A qualia word may come from that. Look at the surroundings and allow associated qualias that come, e.

I see a window, so that makes me think of sand because glass is made of sand. Sand makes me think of the beach, etc. When Tatsumi Hijikata performed the weakened body in his last performance called Quiet House, he was in reality performing the vaporized body. Deleuze and Guattari were also fond of Artaud and make extensive use of the term as well. Dismantling the organism has never meant killing yourself, but rather opening the body to connections that presuppose an entire assemblage, circuits, conjunctions, levels and thresholds, passages and distributions of intensity, and territories and deterritorializations measured with the craft of a surveyor.

Here, ideas or concepts take on a life of their own. The water attracts a thirsty raccoon, which happens to thank you with an English accent. This is your world. You can always extend your metaphor just as you can always extend your qualias. An important note to mention is that Butoh has a tendency to go beyond metaphor. Metaphor will turn straight into metamorphosis. With the case of the example above, when the head is tilting to the side, there IS water coming out. It really is the case. Adjust everything in the world accordingly. The general facial expression, for instance, of sadness , is something everyone can easily identify.

What happens when we go underneath and refine or sublimate the general association? If we swallow the juice, can we turn the juice into wine? Can we then turn the wine into brandy? What happens when we swallow sadness? What comes of it? Can we create wine? Can we create aged wine? Aged brandy? A dancer who yields ma brings to movement the quality of aliveness to an otherwise neutral, or unborn space-time.

Alchemy is fermenation. We want more magic. We then take this expression and swallow it so that it can ferment become more miburi. This concept is also connected to the idea of reduction , a reduction that makes the qualia richer. The effort needed to negate [oneself] is what creates the point of realization. Though koans are generally meant to be read and meditated upon intellectually, there is no reason why these cannot be transformed to incorporate the body. The koans below are transformed into butoh-fu see above. Regardless, here are some very-koan butoh-fus.

You are hanging up in a tree by only the teeth. Your hands are tied to your back. It gets harder and harder to hold on. They decided on developing a religious order, the Zen Peacemaker Order, to respond to his questioning:. But Zen is life. What is there to bring? And into what? The point is to see life as the practice field.

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Every aspect of our life has to become practice. What forms can we create in modern society that will be conducive to seeing the oneness of life? What are the forms that will make it easier to experience interconnectedness? The Zen Peacemakers were intent on developing practices and skillful means to help people actualize these three tenets.

They practiced meditation in an abandoned school site with stones forming a zendo, and developed rules and procedures for the ZPO. In December , Bernie and Eve Myonen Marko attended a large inter-faith conference at the former death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, organized by renowned Buddhist activist and peacebuilder Dr. Paula Green and the Nipponzan Myohoji Zen community. Upon entering the camp, Bernie tells of feeling overwhelmed by millions of souls wanting to be remembered, and decided to do a retreat there.

On a train to Auschwitz, a daring leap for survival

Eve agreed and offered to help form the retreat. Hundreds died and many committed suicide in their despair see the calendar. For years the Kiowa and their confederates had been carrying on a chronic warfare against Mexico and Texas, although generally friendly toward Americans on the north. Accordingly, on July 27, , a treaty was negotiated by agent Thomas Fitzpatrick, at Fort Atkinson, on the Arkansas, in Kansas, with the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache, by which these tribes agreed to remain at peace with both the United States and Mexico, and conceded the right of the government to establish roads and military posts within their territory.

It is somewhat remarkable that this treaty is not noted on the calendar, neither does it seem to form a subject of conversation among the older men. Although for obvious reasons the Indians were opposed to the establishment of roads and military posts in their country, the chief difficulty in the way of a treaty was their unwillingness to cease war on Mexico.

The proposition to restore their Mexican captives met a prompt and decided refusal. As the Mexican captive element forms so large a proportion of the blood of these three tribes, the remarks of agent Fitzpatrick in this connection are of interest:. The chief difficulty which occurred in negotiating the present treaty was not, however, presented in the article embracing the foregoing points, but in that which contemplates a cessation of hostilities against the neighboring provinces of Mexico and the restoration of prisoners hereafter captured.

For a long time these tribes have been in the habit of replenishing their caballadas of horses from the rich valleys and pasture lands which border upon the Rio Grande.