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It should be noted that after an EMP or some other apocalyptic event, your phone might not even work. Now on to the list, in alphabetical order:.

  1. Department of the Army's First Aid Manual TC - Prepper Press!
  2. Lymphedema: Diagnosis and Treatment.
  3. Doomsday Preppers - Wikipedia.
  4. Flying in Shadows (The Black Creek Series, Book 2).
  5. Biodiversity Databases: Techniques, Politics, and Applications (Systematics Association Special Volumes).
  6. Seizure Free Addressing the Causes of Seizures Naturally.

Army Survival Guide — The U. Army knows how to train their personnel to survive. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. This app is over 1, pages and provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information. Links: Apple iTunes. This app walks you through the process, keeps track of what is in your bag, and reminds you when items need to be replaced.

US Army Survival Manual: FM by U.S. Department of Defense

Links: Apple iTunes , Google Play. Cures A-Z — The ultimate guide to natural remedies. Disaster Alert — This provides a listing and interactive map of Active Hazards occurring around the globe.

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Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared. Disaster Readiness — This must-have app will help you and loved ones rebound from almost any disaster, anywhere, quickly and safely. Includes an interactive checklist for emergency supplies and information on how to survive disasters. List: Apple iTunes , Google Play. First Aid White Cross — An easy to use application that will allow you to correctly handle an emergency situation.

All the basic information you need for the correct handling of an emergency case is illustrated and shortly described. First Aid by American Red Cross — Includes step-by-step instructions for common first aid skills along with example videos and interactive quizzes. Great way to brush up on your skills.

Flashlight — This flashlight app comes with a built-in compass and allows you to adjust the brightness. Google Earth — The perfect app for when you find yourself lost in the wilderness. Knots 3D — Learn how to make any kind of knot by watching a step-by-step 3D demonstration.

Doomsday Preppers

In addition, it teaches you what each knot is commonly used for along with its strengths and weaknesses. There are too many scenarios where veterinarians might be unavailable. Over prepping videos, interactive checklists, and other tools. It even includes a bar code scanner to make it easier. Would its contents be enough to sustain you for the rest of your life? Could these books provide a guide for rebuilding civilisation?

The post-apocalyptic library makes for a compelling mental exercise: a literary survival kit, prepared in addition to the duct tape, water purifying tablets, and swiss army knives which comprise the standard "bug-out bag" "bug-out" is an adapted army term, meaning "to leave quickly" and go underground or on the run during an apocalypse. Though "preppers" are most often associated with IRL survival skills rather than prepping through technology, the idea is nonetheless entertained within the community. Blog posts detail how to create a "bug-out" flash drive , virtual prepper libraries are compared on survival subreddits , free ebook collections are distributed within the community, and USBs loaded with homesteading and survival skill PDFs are sold as "Emergency Digital" on eBay.

5 Medical Reference Books For Survivalists and Preppers + A bonus book!

Were I to spend the rest of my life with only a few books, I think I'd go for the classical texts. Some dystopian fiction might work, given the circumstances, though I'd steer clear of The Road for morale-preserving purposes. Some might opt to stockpile porn, but its effects might be ruined slightly by the knowledge that the actors had long since been nuked, or eaten by zombies.

How To Build The Ultimate Emergency Survival Medical Kit

Less unwieldy in digital form. Author and astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell has his own take on the "bug-out library". His book, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World From Scratch , attempts to cover every skill you might need in a post-apocalyptic world: from the basics, such as how to start a fire and build a shelter, to how to reconstruct innovations like radios and medicine from materials found in the home.

Dartnell considers the merits of a digital survival kit too, rather than purely advocating Bear Grylls-style survivalism. Technology might yet have a place in our apocalypse. It would give you a fair shot at rebuilding everything from scratch. Knowledge is power, after all. I'm speaking to Dartnell over Skype.

The transmission is patchy—I presume because he is speaking from an underground bunker somewhere, but he says otherwise. Though his work as an author might imply it, Dartnell is no apocalypse prepper.

CalQuake Inland Empire

Currently a research fellow with the UK Space Agency at the University of Leicester, he doesn't believe the apocalypse will happen in our lifetime. His book is meant as a thought experiment, though not all its readers see it that way. Dartnell has been criticised for not having included enough passages about guns, as well as for the perceived folly of publishing his book in Kindle edition, a format apparently doomed to die out when the power grids fail due to solar flares, or nuclear warfare causes electromagnetic pulses to destroy the Earth's technology.

There's the obvious trade-off: You can load up a lifetime of reading material, but the device might break.

The digital side of prepping is rife with contradictions and curious leaps of faith: how would our hardware and the internet survive an asteroid, or tidal wave, or thermonuclear catastrophe? Much of the content saved by preppers dates from a time long before Project Gutenberg. They're usually books on permaculture, homesteading, tool-making or blacksmithing, written in the 50s and 60s. People will have scanned them onto microfiche, which has in turn been scanned to digital as PDFs. You can download four megabytes in one go. Tech's presence in the traditional bug-out bag is hotly contested.

There's the obvious trade-off: You can load up a lifetime of reading material, but the device might break and not be fixable. And it can't be replicated, unlike paper. I explain how to make paper and ink, and how to construct a rudimentary printing press.