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You know, like old western US […]. My little guy is really into trains right now. While looking around on the internet, I came across tons of fun train crafts for kids. After I wrote my post on how to make no-sew fleece blankets, it got me thinking about what other fabrics I could use to make baby blankets. Perfect for […]. My kids have been begging to do a Christmas craft, so I came up with this little Christmas snow globe craft for kids. I figure that will be easier to store with the Christmas decor after the holiday is over.

These are made with baby […].

My Leah got a gift card for her birthday and bought herself a mermaid tail blanket. She loves it so much! This post is broken up into two categories for you: mermaid crafts for kids to make and mermaid crafts for adults to make. Some of […].

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My daughter requested a fleece tie blanket this time because she […]. I created some templates, so you can make this game boy baby costume yourself. Someone emailed and asked if I had an invitation to go with it. I designed one for her, and thought you all would like to have the file too. When I made these easy mermaid perler bead patterns, I knew I needed to make a dolphin perler bead pattern to go with them.

This dolphin perler bead pattern is really easy to follow and just requires a square pegboard. This post […]. My kids are forever obsessed with making perler bead projects. I made these easy mermaid perler bead patterns and knew that they needed some friends. As a child, my favorite animal was a sea turtle I know, random , so I designed a little turtle perler bead pattern for my kids to make.

My kids are home for the summer, and that means I get to think of fun things to keep them busy. Perler beads are always a hit, so I made some easy mermaid perler bead patterns for them to try out. These ones are very simple so they can actually finish them without frustration. They […]. A name embroidery hoop makes an adorable DIY baby gift, so I decided to design a pattern for one.

I made sure to use lots of pink, flowers, and a curly font. A nice and girly floral embroidery pattern! My friend just got a new niece, so I made this for her. My little Austin is absolutely obsessed with trains. He plays for hours in his room with his train table, and makes the best train sounds. He just had his 3rd birthday, and he requested a train party, of course.

I made some adorable train cupcakes, and they were a hit at […].

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I saw these adorable bandanas at Hobby Lobby, and I knew I just had to make something out of them. I was actually wanting to try making some bandana tote bags for my kids, so this was a perfect reason to buy them. This is […]. Anything that helps! I put together a little roundup to share all of the wonderful ideas […]. I gave my childhood Barbie house a doll house makeover.

If you have a doll house that you want to fix up, take a look at what I did. My favorite part is the […]. My niece got baptized last year, and I was in charge of designing the baptism program for the occasion. The program turned out cute, so I thought I would share it with you here.

With a little bit of Photoshop knowledge, you can customize this LDS baptism program template for your own event.

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It adds […]. My kids still love to dress up as superheroes and run around the house. I hope they never grow out of it! If my kids are still in their twenties running around like superheroes, we might have a problem. Anyway, I decided to put together little roundup of DIY superhero […]. I love taking plain tea towels and dressing them up.

You can never have enough kitchen towels! I decided to experiment with some fruit stamping, and had a lot of fun with it. This tea towel craft is easy enough that the kids could probably make them too. Are you always jealous of that person at the baby shower that brings the cutest homemade gifts? This post is sponsored by The Pencil Grip, Inc. All opinions are my own. I love coming up with new Christmas ornaments for kids to make. These are really easy, and even the smallest crafters can make them look nice.

You can use stickers as a reverse stencil, like we did, or […]. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. EverydayCraftMoments CollectiveBias I think one of the most popular kid-made gifts of all time is the tissue paper candle holder craft. I made this zipper pouch a couple years ago and never got around to sharing it. Since the kiddos are heading back to school, I figured now would be a good time.

Audrey turned eight last month and decided to have a mermaid party. No mermaid party is complete without mermaid party games. Everyone got a sticky name tag and wrote their new name on it. Kids and grown-ups alike enjoyed this game, although I did have to go in and change some of the […]. One thing Audrey decided she wanted to be really creative with for her mermaid party was the cupcakes. Of course, I was happy to oblige. We made all kinds of DIY mermaid cupcakes and mixed in some pirate cupcakes as well.

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Love mermaids? The […]. I wanted some kind of hats for the kids to wear at the mermaid party, so I designed some paper mermaid crowns and pirate hats for them.

This DIY crown is the fairest of them all.

I have provided a PDF pattern and a Silhouette cut file for you to use. To access these downloads, and all of the other ones for the party, […]. I was at a party this summer, and saw a little girl wearing the cutest little kite headband. I was immediately inspired to make some out of felt for my girls.

These felt kite headbands turned out so cute and make a really fun summer accessory! My girls love wearing them! The kites can be […]. You can see the one I made before here. Shop Women's Hats at Forever 21 and find the perfect hat to complete your outfit. Tools: pins.

The hat fits well too and is one of the more comfortable hats I've ever worn. Create a pillbox hat from buckram and cover with appropriate fabric.

Easy to Sew Hat Patterns. Jeweled Pillbox Pattern No. The first pillbox I made was a bit larger than this one, but you can totally use the same techniques for any size fur hat. Our custom designed premises is only a 5 minute drive outside of Wexford town and can accommodate between 8 and 10 students at any one time, so you know that the class sizes are never too large.