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Most cultures over the centuries have included this prohibition in their legal course. Justice can never be served by untruthful testimony. There are several ways in which false witness can be borne. A person can help spread a rumor and thus join hands with a perpetrator.

The False Witnesses (Les faux témoins)

One can indulge false witness by turning a blind eye when truth is known. Someone can determine to bear false witness and therefore be guilty of premeditation. A person can simply fail to come forward with the truth or insinuate falsehood without actually saying it is so. And, perhaps worst of all, a person can spread gossip about another, thus engaging in some of the worst forms of character assassination.

God may well have been speaking to the children of Israel from the top of Mount Sinai, but I really believe He was looking into the heart of every one who calls on His name. The New Testament affirms all that God had to say on this subject. Jesus made it clear to His disciples that false testimony was a key indicator of an unclean heart Matthew He pointed out that those things that come out of the mouth are a direct result of a disconnect between man and God.

OIL Pres. False Witness

Jesus Himself became the victim of false testimony when He was brought before the Sanhedrin. The first Christian martyr, Stephen, was later accused falsely in Acts 6 and ultimately stoned to death. The bottom line is that the bearing of false witness indicts the heart of man.

This is so serious it is included in the seven things God hates Proverbs Perhaps God knew that a failure to adhere to this commandment would easily lead to a barrage of sin against His name. The question is what to do if this sin has become part of your landscape. Perhaps four steps need to be taken.

First, stop bearing false witness!

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Cancel Save. Sometimes this quest gets stuck after you kill the last false witness. So please—read our book!

Do Not Bear False Witness - Paolo Punzalan

Ask hard questions! Disagree with us! Or agree with us! I end with the last paragraph of the introduction which sums up the reason we wrote the book:.

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Our hope is that this book will contribute to the important conversation on the relationship between science and faith, and that is will encourage others to approach these issues with humility and generosity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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