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OR I received an incorrect order. You notify us of any defects in the product or incorrectly shipped at the time of delivery or within 48 hours of receipt of the product. You can either email our Customer Service team - heretohelp limeroad. You book a shipping pickup with us, and ensure that the product is picked up from your premise by our courier within 7 days. To book a shipping pickup, you have to schedule a courier pickup with our customer support team who will in turn arrange a suitable time with our courier partner. Please note that if you have agreed a time for pick up, and the courier fails to find you at the address, there will be a Rs charge payable by you at the time of delivery of the replacement.

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Each time that you are not there, there is a Rs charge why - thats what it costs us to bring your stuff back. As soon as we have received the product, we will ship you the replacement, with no additional cost to you. You will receive an email when a replacement has been shipped out. In the event that a replacement is not available in stock, we will offer you a credit or a full cash refund. In the event that a replacement is available in stock, and you do not want a replacement, we will offer you a full refund either via the card you used to pay us, or in the case of a CoD payment, by a cheque.

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I want to return a product that I have already received it. You need to make sure that you inform us of your intention to return the item to us and ensure that the product s reaches us within 7 days of delivery of the product. How quickly will I get the refund? Other questions. If they offers a Warranty on a product, we pass on the same to you.

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Does LimeRoad deliver internationally? LimeRoad doesn't deliver items internationally. You are more than welcome to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world, but you'll have to ensure the delivery address is within India. Is there a difference between what I see and what I buy? Dates are the delicious snack for any time of day. If you develop the habit of eating three of these soft and yummy fruit every day for one week, you may benefit your mind and body.

Long-Lasting energy Dates contain the natural sugars, glucose, fructose and sucrose that […]. Search for:. Bewafa: Women come forward, relating to the storyline. Should Pakistan and India settle the Kashmir dispute bilaterally? Load More Follow on Instagram. Abela, and D. Dolan, James P. Hydrocele Repair. Men's Health Topics. A hydrocelectomy is performed in a hospital operating room or a one-day surgery center by a general surgeon or urologist.

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Toggle navigation. Surgery Fi-La Hydrocelectomy Hydrocelectomy. Purpose A hydrocelectomy is performed to correct a hydrocele and prevent its recurrence. Demographics Hydroceles are found in male children or adult males usually over Description A hydrocele usually appears as a soft swelling in the membrane surrounding the testes.

Diagnosis Diagnosis will begin with taking a careful history, including sexual history, recent injury, or illnesses, and observing signs and symptoms. Preparation The patient will be given standard pre-operative blood and urine tests at some time prior to surgery.

Aftercare Immediately following surgery, the patient will be taken to a recovery area and checked for any undue bleeding from the incision. Normal results Surgery usually corrects the hydrocele and the underlying defect completely; recurrence is rare. Morbidity and mortality rates Chronic infection after surgical repair can increase morbidity. Alternatives A hydrocele is most often a congenital defect that is commonly corrected surgically.