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Abstract Lumpy skin disease is of significant economic impact for the cattle industry in Africa. Keywords: Kenyan sheep and goat pox virus, Lumpy skin disease, Vaccine. Materials and methods 2. Table 1 The origin, host and reference of the virulent and attenuated capripoxvirus strains.

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Open in a separate window. Results 3. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Jordan Bio-Industries Centre for providing the vaccine samples for the study. References Ali A. Clinical and pathological studies on lumpy skin disease in Egypt. Annandale C. Seminal transmission of lumpy skin disease virus in heifers. Asagba M. Evidence of sheep pox in Nigeria. Health Prod. Ayelet G. Lumpy skin disease: preliminary vaccine efficacy assessment and overview on outbreak impact in dairy cattle at debre zeit, central Ethiopia.

Babiuk S. Yemen and Vietnam capripoxviruses demonstrate a distinct host preference for goats compared with sheep. Bowden T. Capripoxvirus tissue tropism and shedding: a quantitative study in experimentally infected sheep and goats. Brenner J. Appearance of skin lesions in cattle populations vaccinated against lumpy skin disease: statutory challenge.

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Buller R. In: Fauquet C. Elsevier Academic Press; Oxford: Burdin M. Observations on the first outbreak of lumpy skin disease in Kenya. Capstick P. Lumpy skin disease; experimental infection. Chand P. Western blot analysis of virus specific antibody responses for capripox and contagious pustular dermatitis viral infections in sheep. Coakley W. Protection of cattle against lumpy skin disease. Davies F. Characteristics of a virus causing a pox disease in sheep and goats in Kenya, with observations on the epidemiology and control.

Observations on the epidemiology of lumpy skin disease in Kenya. Lumpy skin disease of cattle: a growing problem in Africa and the near east. World Anim. The alterations in pathogenicity and immunogenicity of a Kenya sheep and goat pox virus on serial passage in bovine foetal cell cultures. The antibody response in sheep infected with Kenyan sheep and goat pox virus.

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Felsenstein J. Confidence limits on phylogenies: an approach using the bootstrap. Gershon P. The nucleotide sequence around the capripoxvirus thymidine kinase gene reveals a gene shared specifically with leporipoxvirus.

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Hall T. Nucleic Acids Symp. Khalafalla A. Lumpy skin disease: observations on the recent outbreaks of the disease in the Sudan. Pays Trop. Kimura M. A simple method for estimating evolutionary rate of base substitutions through comparative studies of nucleotide sequences. Kitching P. Progress towards sheep and goat pox vaccines. Kitching R. The control of sheep and goat pox. Kitching, R. Vaccines for lumpy skin disease, sheep pox and goat pox. Vaccines for OIE list A and emerging animal diseases. Bo August, from Worcester, spent two-and-a-half months in hospital and underwent three skin grafts after catching the normally harmless illness.

1. Introduction

The youngster was diagnosed with a rare disorder called purpura fulminans, which was brought on by a bout of chicken pox. Doctors said the antibodies released by her body to fight off chicken pox caused a deficiency of a protein called 'S', which led to her blood not being able to clot properly. Four-year-old Bo August almost lost her legs when they turned black after she contracted a rare condition triggered by chicken pox.

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In hospital, Bo was diagnosed with purpura fulminans, a rare syndrome in which blood clots form in vessels and the tissue dies, causing huge black bruises. As a result, blood clots can form within the blood vessels of the skin, resulting in necrosis - the death of the flesh. Her parents, Julia and Dan, were told to prepare for a possible amputation and even warned that the condition was life-threatening.

But thankfully, although Bo was forced to learn to walk again after being in a wheelchair, she has now made a full recovery. The ordeal began when Bo caught chicken pox in February this year, and began complaining her legs were hurting. Her parents then noticed she was struggling to walk. When bruises started to show up on her body on February 25, she was rushed to the children's ward at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Her parents were horrified when they woke up the next day and discovered huge black bruises had covered both her legs and the soles of her feet. Purpura fulminans is a rare syndrome in which blood clots form in vessels and the tissue dies. It usually occurs in children, but this syndrome has also been noted in adults. There are three forms of this disease that are classified by the different ways it is triggered. First, neonatal purpura fulminans is associated with a deficiency of the Protein C and Protein S as well as Antithrombin III, which all help blood to clot.

Unexplained purpura fulminans is usually caused by a disease that causes fever, such as chicken pox. It manifests itself as red or purple discolorations or bruises form on the skin that do not blanch when pressure is applied. The disease eventually wiped out more than half the island's population. The deaths of chiefs threw Pohnpeian society into disarray, and the people started blaming the God of the Christian missionaries. The Christian missionaries themselves saw the epidemic as God's punishment for the people and offered the natives inoculations, though often withheld such treatment from the priests.

The epidemic abated in October One viewpoint is that smallpox emerged in AD and the earlier reported cases were incorrectly identified as smallpox. Early in history, it was observed that those who had contracted smallpox once were never struck by the disease again. Thought to have been discovered by accident, it became known that those who contracted smallpox through a break in the skin in which smallpox matter was inserted received a less severe reaction than those who contracted it naturally. This realization led to the practice of purposely infecting people with matter from smallpox scabs in order to protect them later from a more severe reaction.

This practice, known today as variolation , was first practiced in China in the 10th century. Variolation was the sole method of protection against smallpox other than quarantine until Jenner's discovery of the inoculating abilities of cowpox against the smallpox virus in Efforts to protect populations against smallpox by way of vaccination followed for centuries after Jenner's discovery.

Smallpox has since been completely eradicated since , because of the mass vaccination efforts of the World Health Organization. The word variolation is synonymous with inoculation, insertion, en-grafting, or transplantation. The term is used to define insertion of smallpox matter, and distinguishes this procedure from vaccination, where cowpox matter was used to obtain a much milder reaction among patients.

The practice of variolation also known as inoculation first came out of East Asia. Scabs from smallpox victims who had the disease in its mild form would be selected, and the powder was kept close to body temperature by means of keeping it close to the chest, killing the majority of the virus and resulting in a more mild case of smallpox. The process was carried out by taking eight smallpox scabs and crushing them in a mortar with two grains of Uvularia grandiflora in a mortar. In India, where the European colonizers came across variolation in the 17th century, a large, sharp needle was dipped into the pus collected from mature smallpox sores.

Several punctures with this needle were made either below the deltoid muscle or in the forehead, and then were covered with a paste made from boiled rice. In , Lady Mary Wortley Montagu 's brother died of smallpox; she too contracted the virus two years later at the age of twenty-six, leaving her badly scarred. It was here that Lady Mary first came upon variolation. When an epidemic broke out in London following her return, Lady Mary wanted to protect her daughter from the virus by having her variolated as well.

Maitland performed the procedure, which was a success. She had both an orphanage and several convicts variolated before she was convinced. Minister Edmund Massey, in , called variolation dangerous and sinful, saying that people should handle the disease as the biblical figure Job did with his own tribulations, without interfering with God's test for mankind. Robert and Daniel Sutton further revived the practice of variolation in England by advertising their perfect variolation record, maintained by selecting patients who were healthy when variolated and were cared for during the procedure in the Sutton's own hygienic hospital.

News of variolation spread to the royal families of Europe.

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